Conference 12th July. Sustaining Wales’ Public Services: Austerity and Beyond


Public services in Wales have been through the severest financial squeeze since the Second World War. How has this squeeze affected their finances? Is austerity over yet? And are we any clearer about the impact of Brexit?

At this conference, sponsored by Mike Hedges AM, researchers from public policy think tanks presented new fiscal and policy analysis, taking stock of the effects of austerity so far, discussing future prospects for sustaining public service finances as demand and cost pressures continue to grow, and considering how far Wales’ new tax powers can help.
The event was opened by Jane Hutt AM (on behalf of Mike Hedges AM) and then Michael Trickey, Programme Director of the Wales Public Services 2025 programme. After the main presentations there were contributions from Councillor Anthony Hunt, WLGA finance spokesperson (leader of Torfaen Council),Simon Thomas AM, chair of Senedd Finance Committee and finally Mark Drakeford AM, Cabinet Secretary for Finance.
WPS2025 would like to thank everyone for their input on the day to make this a most successful event.

Here are copies of the presentations:

Welsh Budgetary Trade-offs: Looking forward to 2021-22

Dr Daria Luchinskaya (WPS2025)





Remember to look to your left and right: cross-border lessons for local government finance

David Phillips (IFS)





Welsh local government leaders and austerity: their perceptions

Professor James Downe (Wales Centre for Public Policy/WPS2025)







Comparing schools spending per pupil in Wales and England

Luke Sibieta (IFS)







Welsh voluntary sector funding in the post-2010 austerity

Dr Nikos Kapitsinis (WPS 2025)





The Welsh Tax Base: Risks and Opportunities after Fiscal Devolution

Guto Ifan (WGC)

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