Programme of work, 2012 – 2014

Two of the four planned projects are well underway and should be reporting during the Spring 2013.

1. Weathering the storm: a rapid review of international experience

Funded by Carenegie UK. A study which reviews the way in which a number of other small countries / states are responding to fiscal, demographic and associated challenges for public services.

The countries / states involved are Denmark, Scotland, Quebec, Austria, New Zealand and the Netherlands.

2. Seeds of change: public innovations in Wales

Resourced by NESTA through two lead researchers appointed by NESTA . Aims of the project are:

  • production of a baseline report which looks at the current state of public innovation in Wales, areas of potential and barriers. Report due Spring 2013.
  • an innovation network which creates an alliance across innovators / practioners and would be a legacy of the project
  • a report which sets out propositions (or business cases) for further development of public innovation in Wales.

The two projects still in development are:

3. Fiscal forecasts: trends and pressures to 2025 – due to start shortly

A report due in Summer 2013 setting out fiscal projections for Wales over the next 10 years, an assessment of the implications for public services of key social and economic trends such as the ageing society, future labour markets, the impact of welfare reform etc and scenarios for how the resulting pressures might be addressed.

4. Applied futures – visioning the future for public services in Wales – due to start Autumn 2013

A series of workshops with professionals, policy-makers and other experts which uses internationally developed futures techniques and draws on research evidence from the previous three projects and other sources to explore the long-term implications for public services of the pressures on finances and social / economic change and the response required by public services. It will focus on an innovative health and social care system.



Download WPS2025 programme of work (Feb 2012)


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