A delicate balance? Health & Social Care spending in Wales

The team at Wales Public Services 2025 have produced an important briefing paper on health & social care spending in Wales. The report focuses on the diffuclties local authorities are having keeping pace with spending. The report was produced by Dr Daria Luchinskaya, Joseph Ogle and Michael Trickey.










Please note that minor amendments have been made in the report text since publication. These are detailed below:
Page 8: Figure 2 note amended to add that the NHS as a percentage of fiscal resource DEL series may be partially affected by the full devolution of non-domestic rates, which was switched from DEL to AME in 2015-16.
Page 13: Clarification added on the IFS aged 65 and over spend estimates so as to make specific note that the figure reported in the Green Budget excludes NHS transfers.
Page 14: Figure 3 title and RHS axis title amended to clarify that that the dotted line depicts net total service expenditure.
Page 15: Figure 4 simplified to include nett current expenditure per capita on older adult social care only.
Page 19: Figure 5 changed from frequency to rate of delayed transfers of care.

Contact author if any further information needed – email WPS2025@cardiff.ac.uk





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