‘Welsh Government Budgetary Trade-offs: Looking Forward to 2021-22’

Wales Public Services 2025 and the Wales Governance Centre have released a joint new report. The report sets out the key changes to the UK fiscal context and to Welsh devolution over the past year, and using this as a basis, runs through a number of public spending scenarios. It demonstrates that current UK spending plans could result in a further and potentially damaging period of cuts in unprotected services. With new devolved tax powers expected to have only a limited impact on total spending by 2021-22, decisions about the future balance between protected and unprotected services are likely to become increasingly stark and may prompt questions about the affordability of the current range of services. The report was produced by Dr Daria Luchinskaya, Joseph Ogle, Michael Trickey, Ed Gareth Poole and Guto Ifan.









Please note that revisions were made to some figures on 21/09/2017 to correct for data errors (affecting Table 3.1, Figure 3.1, and Figure 4.6). See Appendix 8.7 for full details

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